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About us

Every story is unique.

My story starts with a pregnancy, a craving for cupcakes, and a desire to have a home-based business. The internet has so many possibilities for learning. So where did I go to learn? YouTube. I went from watching cupcake making to soap making – you know it happens to you too! Needless to say, I was hooked. I devoured books, gave various YouTubers some increased views, and purchased all of the basic supplies I would need to get started. The rest is history.

 Every time I step foot in my little soap world, I am inspired to newer heights. I am totally committed and invested in putting a little piece of my heart and soul into every product. I channel that same love and dedication its taken to get to this point, and I push myself to put that into everything I make… for you!

I only use luxurious, clear-conscience oils and butters in my products. You won’t find anything cheap or questionable in your soap. Because of my heath conscious diet I am often exposed to information that comes from healthy and environmentally conscious circles. I am dedicated to staying away from ingredients that are questionable in these areas. I stick to what is good and what works! Coconut oil, cold-pressed olive oil, avocado oil, shea and cocoa butters – These are what you get when you use a Five Golden Apples product.

Cleaner skin doesn’t have to come with a dirty conscience.

I believe in the small batch processing approach. “Multum In Parvo,” or much in little. It’s what makes you go to a mom & pop instead of a big box store. There is something quaint and intimate about the personal connection you experience when you buy a product from someone who loves and believes in what they do. You sense their passion. You appreciate their attention to detail and you get the feeling that you’ve got your hands on something that was truly meant for you.

Our Mission:

To create exceptional and soul inspiring handcrafted soaps and cosmetics for an ever growing heath conscious population that benefits the lesser privileged by providing these artisanal products with your support through our giveback programs. Let’s help create a cleaner world one bar of soap at a time.

Love + Soap = Clean World and Heart

Our Values:

  1. Love, because it is the greatest gift given.
  2. Acceptance, because we welcome you and hope that you will  accept & appreciate who you are.
  3. Inspire, because we desire you to feel special, capable, and wonderful. You are golden!
  4. Perseverance, because it  produces great strength and growth.
  5. Excel, is what comes naturally from love, acceptance, inspiration and perseverance.

Our Name:

The “Five” comes from how many children we have.

The “Golden Apples” comes from Proverbs 25:11, “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.”

Words are precious!