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Coconut Oil in Soap

There are three reasons why I love Coconut oil in soap and I am sure you will appreciate them too.

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For one, it provides great lather that makes you smile! It not only lathers nice but, it helps make for a hard bar. What does that mean exactly? To me it means that you get a firm bar that is nice to hold. Lastly, but definitely not least  the moisturizing ability of this marvelous ingredient is such a bonus, and I am sure that is one of the reasons why you might love it. With all the benefits that are in this oil, it makes it a must have. I first learned the benefits of Coconut oil when we lived overseas on a beautiful tropical island, Aitutaki to be specific. The islanders would use this for their skin and food, which lead me to discover how versatile coconut oil can be. Did you know that Coconut oil nourishes the skin keeping it soft and incredibly smooth. It prevents dry chapped skin, premature aging and wrinkling. I love that it is light and not greasy. It leaves your skin with a radiant, youthful and glowing sheen and I must say that the people on that island were just beautiful!

If you are worried that Coconut oil will clog pores, there is no need to worry. It absorbs readily into the skin so it works very well as a carrier oil for dry, itchy or sensitive skin. 

So now that you know why we love it in soap, I thought I would share a fun web page that shows how versatile this oil is. You already know you can cook with it, but did you know that this oil is great for tattoos? Click here to read more!


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